May 06, 2010

20 most creative coffee cup designs


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creative coffee mugs

A hot cup of coffee is the perfect way to give your morning a warm welcome and to kick start the day. The whole experience even gets better if you are having your coffee in an unusual and creative design coffee mug. Scroll down to check out some of the creative coffee cups that can bring smile on your face...after all anything can happen over a cup of coffee.

1) Stacked coffee mug
stacked cup
This is a one of the best way to enjoy a hot cup, three cups stacked in one. Get Your Triple Stacked Cup for only $12.95

2) Dirty Mug
dirty mug
Dirty Mug looks a cup that is too dirty with coffee soiled and lipstick stained. Get you Dirty mug for $8.95.

3) Blackboard message cup
blackboard message mug
The mug comes with a blackboard belt to write the messages on it. Cost £4.99.

4) Link Mugs
Designed by Jon, Link mugs form a self-supporting row of up to 6 mugs.

5) Crinkle cup
Designed by Rob Brandt Crinkle cup is priced for $39.00.

6) Ultimate coffee mug
ultiamte coffee mug
Ultimate coffee mug is truly ultimate. The handle and body can be held in several ways, and is more comfortable than traditional mugs.

7) To Go cup
to go cup
You can carry the To Go cup wherever you go, and the saucer can be used as cap of the cup.

8) Pick Your Nose Party Cups
picknose party cup
Pick up the right cup that has your nose on it. It has two different noses to pick from, mixing all ethnicities, sexes and combinations of facial hair.

9) 2 carat ring mug

2carat coffee cup1
It is a graceful porcelain cup that adorns you with a sparkling solitaire diamond ring when you pick it up. Priced for $14.95.

10) On/Off mug
on off mug
The simple looking mugs changes color to white and in big black letters it states: "ON", when some beverage is poured. When empty it state OFF. Priced at $24.

11) Melting Icebergs cup
melting iceberg cups
The external surface of the cup is printed with a second layer of heat sensitive ink that is revealed when hot water is poured into the cup

12) Punch coffee mug
punch coffee mug
Punch coffee mug features steely-metallic handle shaped as brass knuckles to give your day a kick-start and good punch in the face to get going.

13) Digital coffee mug
digital_photo mug
The Digital Coffee Mug lets you to enjoy the coffee to relish some good memories. The mug can display up to 45 pictures.

14) Gun Mug
gun mugs
Designed by Chillichilly, the Gun mug can be yours for $17.50.

15) Zipper Cup
zipper cup
Zipper cup blend the cup with the mechanism of a zipper. It can be your for $40.

16) Dunk Mug
dunk mug
Dunk mug comes with a small compartment to store your favorite biscuits.

17) Stag horn mug
stag horn mug
Feel yourself as Viking using this silver-plated mug with real stag horn as a handle.

18) Rx mugs
rx mugs
A perfect set of 2 mugs for couple. One mug is for her and another one is for him.

19) Drink Selector mug
drink selector mug
Drink Selector Mug from Boys To Men Gifts shows your choice of drink and your milk and sugar preferences.

20) One week coffee cup
one week coffee cup by iohanna pani
One week coffee cup by IOHANNA PANI – Unusual relief inside the cup will make classic cup unique.


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