May 07, 2012

10 Beautiful Apps & Websites To Drool Over


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via ReadWriteWeb by Richard MacManus on 5/1/12

Yesterday we discussed the trend of beautiful apps and websites in 2012. It's an increasingly Visual Web and great design is a key part of getting attention nowadays. We put the call out over social media to find out your favorite examples of gorgeous apps. In this post, with your help, we've listed 10 examples of beauty in the modern web app or website.

Unsurprisingly, iOS apps are very well represented in this list. Apple's design philosophy is highly regarded and many of its apps are similarly beautiful. That said, if you have a favorite lovely app on Android, Windows Mobile or another OS, please note it in the comments. In no particular order, here are our selections:

1. Flipboard

Showed the way for glorious design on the iPad. Even better now that it's been enhanced for the high-definition retina display of iPad 3!

2. Jux

The pretty version of Tumblr. Jumbo pictures and large fonts abound.

3. Tweetbot

iPhone Twitter client "with a lot of personality."

4. Paper

Drawing tool for iPad, with an appealingly simple UI.

5. The Verge

Tech blog launched on the premise of a new kind of design for blogging. It's colorful and fun.


6. Wunderkit

Personal project management tool, available as a desktop app for Mac OSX or an iPhone app.

7. Newsify

Mobile app for Google Reader (iOS).


New art social network, currently in private beta. I'm still drooling over its HD images of art.

9. 500px

Could this be the next big photo sharing service, after Flickr and Instagram? It's certainly nice to look at.

10. Remodelista

OK this is very biased, as Remodelista is a sister site of ReadWriteWeb - via our parent company SAY Media. But check out the design, because ReadWriteWeb is getting this too... soon ;)

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