May 08, 2012

14 Weird iPhone Cases You Won’t Believe


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via Mashable! by Stephanie Buck on 4/24/12

1. Strapya Cold Noodles

Can you spy the iPhone under all those cold noodles? Strapya also makes cases in the shape of unagi, sushi rice and mochi, among others. Price: 3,990 yen, about $49

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Tired of sporting the same iPhone case as your mom, your BFF and everyone else on the planet? If you're itching to make a statement with your Apple device, we've got a selection for you.

We came across 14 far out iPhone cases that'll turn heads, to say the least. In fact, most of them don't even pass as smartphone cases at all. Talk about outside-the-box.

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Do you sport a smartphone case that celebrates your individuality? Link to it in the comments below.

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