May 05, 2012

The Chicken and Waffle Cone, Because This is America


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via Foodbeast by Elie Ayrouth on 4/16/12

Great ideas are often sitting right in our subconcious, it only takes a second of inspiration to open up that particular crevice of one's mind and result in something amazing…case in point: The Chicken and Waffle Cone.

The innovation comes by way of our friend Nick, who has been studying the Chicken and Waffles genre since he started blogging, and can be traced back to his creation of the Chicken and Waffle Wings. Following a recent purchase of a waffle cone maker, Nick was itching for a chance to do something unique, and that's when he decided he would go the savory route with one of his first waffle cone maker trials.

Once you get the hang of using your waffle cone maker, you can get crazy and drop in some popcorn chicken and drown it with a heavy drizzle of maple syrup.

Would have loved to see the entire cone topped with a layer of fluffy whipped butter. One step at a time I guess:

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