May 02, 2012

Green Galen Lobby in Singapore


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via Home Decorating Trends by Monica Stavar on 4/12/12

The 'Formwerkz Architects' were engaged by 'Ascendas' to retrofit the lobby of their corporate HQ Science Park 2,Singapore. They are one of Asia's leading providers of business space solutions and are interested in seeking sustainable and human-centric design for their future business environments.

The idea is clearly one of ecological interests. The refurbishment at the Galen Lobby is strategized to demonstrate Ascendas' move towards a sustainable low carbon footprint building that maximizes energy savings by using natural ventilation and passive day lighting. The 'Formwerkz Architects' also want by integrating the interior spaces with its surrounding landscape, they also envisioned the newly refurbished Galen Lobby to promote an appreciation of dining, working and meeting in a sustainable alfresco setting.

Nowadays the global warming issue seems to concern more and more developers.  This is why this modern eco-friendly design is perfect for our contemporary era, combining a fancy style with nature's health. From now on, at the Galen Lobby, you'll drink your coffee probably more relaxed, knowing you're not harming the environment.

The refurbished Galen lobby designed by the 'Formwerkz Architects' demonstrates that Ascenda is moving toward energy saving and second of all the lobby is a perfect place for meetings, drinking a coffee, dining and so on.{found on archdaily and pics by Jeremy San}.

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