May 08, 2012

Improv Everywhere Surprises Couple with Impromptu Date in Central Park


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via Mashable! by Samantha Murphy on 4/30/12

Comedy troupe Improv Everywhere has released a delightful new video that shows how a random couple was surprised in New York City's Central Park with a romantic "instant date," with the help of champagne, dinner service and a private serenade.

An unsuspecting couple sitting on a bench near the Conversatory Water on Manhattan's Upper East Side received the Improv Everywhere treatment recently when they were given an impromptu date. Actors disguised as waiters whisked a table over to their bench and presented them with a food spread of fruits, cheeses and meats. The couple giggled as new surprises came up, including two tickets "for tonight's show," which occurred minutes later in front of them.

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"I figured that in a big city like New York, everyone's first reaction would be to think the offer of dinner was some type of scam," wrote Improv Everywhere's producer Charlie Todd in a blog post. "To try to put the couple at ease the agents referred to everything as 'complimentary' and 'free.' The couple was definitely confused at first, but by the time they were being served drinks they were all smiles."

A microphone was hidden under the tablecloth.

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