May 08, 2012

MemeKit Transforms Your Facebook Photos Into Memes


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via Mashable! by Brian Anthony Hernandez on 5/1/12

You and your Facebook friends can now join the ranks of Scumbag Steve, Philosoraptor, Angry Ass Wolf, College Freshman, Annoying Facebook Girl and other memes.

A new website lets you create text-over-image memes using Facebook content. MemeKit combines recent status updates and random tagged photos from you and your friends' Facebook Timelines.

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For example, I paired a photo of Pluto and me at last year's Mashable Connect conference in Disney World (above) with a status update I posted Monday (yes, that's a lyric from Carly Rae Jepsen's hit "Call Me Maybe").

MemeKit gives you the options to share your creations to Facebook or mail a physical copy for $3.

BuddyMeme is another website that gives your Facebook photos the meme treatment, but it doesn't pull in status updates like MemeKit does. On BuddyMeme, you write your own text.

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"Hey Girl" Meme

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