May 05, 2012

Pie Pop Maker: Pies on a Stick


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via Foodbeast by Peter Pham on 4/15/12

What could be better than nice warm pie? Putting it into smaller portions and on a popsicle stick, that's what.

Think about it, you'll get easy mobility, and a great conversation piece for when you're sitting alone at the mall eating a Pie Pop. This wondrous machine by Babycakes will make six individual bite sized pie pops in only four minutes.It would literally be easier to make pie at home rather than driving out to the store to buy one.

The Pie Pop machine comes with individual Pie Pop Treat Sticks, a Pie Pop Stand, and a Stainless Steel Crust Cutter. With 750 watts of pie baking goodness, this machine is sure to revolutionize the concept of pie on a stick.

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