May 07, 2012

The Sunscreen Smokescreen


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via Information Is Beautiful by david on 7/11/11

It started with a question. It always does. This time, the question was simple: How much sunscreen should I wear?

I'm a pale geek who burns. I wanted to know the optimal. A simple question with a simple answer, right?


This simple question took me on a massive journey through the data, information myths and misinformation that surround our perception of sunscreen. I'm calling it the Sunscreen Smokescreen.

All our data, calculations and references here:

The Sunscreen SmokeScreen - Information Is Beautiful - David McCandless

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All our data, calculations and references here:

RESEARCH & DESIGN: David McCandless
RESEARCH: Miriam Quick
ADDITIONAL RESEARCH: James Key, Pearl Doughty-White
ADDITIONAL DESIGN: Piero Zagami, Derek Guo, Joe Swainson
SOURCES: The British Medical Journal, Cancer Research UK, World Health Organisation, PubMed, Norwegian Institute For Air Research, Health Canada, Skin Cancer Foundation, Nature, American Academy Of Dermatology, National Health Service, National Cancer Institute, Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, Journal Of Clinical Oncology, American Journal of Public Health, The Environmental Working Group, New York Times, Wikipedia.
DATA & RESEARCH: see it all here:


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