May 02, 2012

The Superheroes Furniture Collection by Glimpt Studio


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The Superheroes collection is a series of furniture pieces of different dimensions. They resemble a family of furniture pieces. The collection was created by Swedish design studio Glimpt for Cappellini.. It's composed of a series of three stools. The largest one of them can also perform a double function and serve as a table as well.

The inspiration for this beautiful collection came from Vietnam. There, the team from Glimpt visited a series of artisans and studied their techniques. They also searched for inspiring materials and colors that would be suited for a new collection of furniture. The team of designers also wanted to incorporate other influences in their creations, other than those found in Vietnam. That's when they contacted Swedish illustrator Malin Koort. He agreed to help develop the patterns for the collection.

From this collaboration resulted the Superheroes collection. It's a very beautiful collection, with inspiring patterns and beautiful color combinations. The Superheroes collection is a series of seating furniture. It's composed of several different stools with different designs and shapes. The pattern you see is the result of a complicated process. Threads are rolled around thin tubes that are attached to a metal frame. It's a process inspired by a Vietnamese technique used to create bowls. The stools are made by hand and each one of them unique.

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