October 30, 2012

Zip Earphones Keep Your Music Zipped Tight


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via Chip Chick by Chip Chick Staff on 10/29/12

Zipper headphones Zip Earphones Keep Your Music Zipped TightReady to listen to your tunes? Open them up by unzipping these bright new earphones.

The Zip Earphones' cords are one big zipper – you can adjust the length of the earbud cords by zipping them up or unzipping them. It's a unique twist on the idea of earphones, and it's even a little useful, to boot. You can choose to keep things flashy with the orange and pink pairs, or stay subdued with the black pair. The earbuds themselves are covered by silicone ear tips. The earphones come with two sizes of tips.

Now, we just need to wait until someone integrates this idea into a zip-up sweatshirt, and we'll be set.

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