November 03, 2012

Nike+Kinect Training on Xbox Will Whip You Into Shape


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via Mashable! by Kate Freeman on 10/31/12

Working out at home has its perks: no loudly grunting weight-lifters, no worrying about doing downward dog in anyone's personal space and when you're done, the shower is only steps away.

For at-home fitness enthusiasts, Nike unveiled a new program on Tuesday called Nike+Kinect Training, that features a virtual trainer who customizes workouts for you. The program works on Xbox 360 with Kinect, and lets you bring your real life moves into a virtual environment, similar to Wii, except without having to use a controller. Just use your voice and hand movements to activate Kinect.

Nike says this training program uses motion sensing technology to see how you move and whip you into tip-top…
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