February 27, 2013

KRUPS Barista EA9000: The $2,500 Cappuccino Machine


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krups KRUPS Barista EA9000: The $2,500 Cappuccino MachineIt looks like this whole take Starbucks home deal is catching on. We're not talking about going through the drive-thru, either – we're talking about taking the whole building with you.

Home cappuccino machines bearing the promise of homemade Starbucks (no, really, that's almost always in the sales descriptions), are popping up from all kinds of home electronics manufacturers, the latest of which is Krups. The Krups Barista EA9000 One-Touch Cappuccino Machine is capable of churning out cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos, as well as good old black coffee. With a few touches, the machine handles everything, including grinding the beans and preparing the milk.

It's simple, but there's still room for customization, so the only person you'll be annoying with your overly complicated orders will be yourself, or possibly an unfortunate significant other. Or not – you can save up to eight customized drinks on the machine, so you can make your favorite morning cup with the touch of a single button. You'll be able to adjust settings individually for the size of the drink, strength, and temperature. There's even a single button for cleaning the steam nozzle. All of those buttons are included on one touch screen panel – the machine looks to be very simple to use.

Purchasing the coffee machine will also get you into Krups Elite Service. That will grant you advanced customer service lines (I guess maybe you don't get put on hold?), brewing tips that you can probably just find online, and, more importantly, access to global coffees and teas from Don Francisco and Art of Tea, including discounts.

All that said, uprooting a Starbucks and hauling it home with you doesn't come cheap. You can expect to pay about $2,500 (no, I didn't accidentally add a zero) when the Barista EA9000 One-Touch Cappuccino Machine becomes available sometime this month in some Williams-Sonoma stores.

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