February 23, 2013

KRUPS Barista EA9000 One-Touch Cappuccino Machine Automatically Cleans Itself


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via Gadget Review by Amanda Pendolino on 2/21/13

KRUPS is making it even easier to be an all-star barista.

With its new Barista EA9000 One-Touch Cappuccino Machine, you can make world-class ristretto, espresso, coffee, cappuccinos and lattes with the single touch of a button.

Just touch the EA9000′s large color screen once and the machine will grind the beans, froth the milk, dispense the brew and clean the steam nozzle. It's like a robot!  The EA9000 also features a conical burr mill that preserves the aroma of fresh beans and a patented thermoblock system, which ensures that your drink is served at the ideal temperature.

You can also program the KRUPS Barista One-Touch Machine to remember eight different drink orders –  which makes it perfect for sharing with family members (or if you have eight "usual" drinks of your own). Settings for quantity, strength, and even temperature can all be customized.

The impressive machine will be available at select Williams Sonoma stores this month for $2,499.99. Its hefty price is the only real downside to this cappuccino maker: if you usually spend $3.50 on a drink at Starbucks, you'll need to make 715 drinks with the EA9000 before it's cheaper than going out for coffee.

The EA9000 is truly a luxury device – but I admit I do like the idea of getting a world-class latte by pushing just one button (and not needing to leave the house)!

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