February 17, 2013

Le Nid Restaurant in Nantes


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Le Nid is a restaurant and bar located in Nantes ( France) it sits at the top of a 144m building called Tour de Bretagne and overlook the city and its surroundings. Graphic Designer Jean Jullien initially did the 3D project and now it has opened the doors. Inside the bar, a 40 meters long bird rests. The bar is located in its body, whilst his neck runs to the other end of the space, leading you to its massive head. His eyes opens and close regularly, as he falls asleep and wakes up. You can enjoy a drink in its egg shaped tables and chairs. Outside, the terrace offers a 360 degrees view with a giant orientation table that runs over 100 meters. A series of posters on light boxes presents a graphic take on 14 key locations in Nantes. Last but not least, Niwouinwouin as created a unique soundtrack to finish the identity of Le Nid.


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