February 18, 2013

The romantic colorful Igloo made with used milk cartons and love!


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Since romance is in the air as it's already February…we thought of bringing you a love filled tale that very lovingly culminated into the creation of the colorful igloo which you can see in the picture above.

The story involves Daniel Gray from New Zealand, who had to travel to Canada to meet his girlfriend's family. On reaching he was given the task of building a colorful igloo by his mother-in-law, the request which he graciously accepted.

In order to make his work a tad easier hundreds of milk cartons were already gathered. Colored liquids were poured in the cartons that were frozen and then uncovered to obtain the colorful bricks. Now imagine using the bricks to build an igloo at temperatures of -25 °F [-31 °C]. Would you have done it for your love?

The igloo was definitely built, by Daniel along with the host family and even a neighbor. The project took about 6 days to complete and we can presume Brigit Burton was indeed happy with her son-in-law's crafting skills!

We are delighted to see the awesome igloo, aren't you too?

colorfuligloo_2 colorfuligloo_3 colorfuligloo_4 colorfuligloo_5 colorfuligloo_6 colorfuligloo_7




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