February 06, 2013

The SoloShot Is Something Akin to an Automated Camera Man, Works with Any Ca...


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via Gadget Review by Christen Costa on 2/1/13

Filming yourself in the surf is as simple as employing the help of a close friend.  But as well all know friends aren't reliable, and if your job is cutting waves, chances are the average buddy won't be available late morning on a Tuesday – normal working hours.  So how are you to capture your handy foot-work? Enter the Soloshot.

Much like the Swivl, this handy device can automatically keep you centered in the camera's shot without human intervention.  You simply just mount the Solo shot to the included tripod, strap on the wireless armband beacon, pair it with the Soloshot mount, and you're in business.  Of course you'll need to bring your own camera to the party – point and shoot, DSLR, or video camera – but everything is provided, including a security lock.

 I don't know what tracking technology they've utilized, but according to the manufacturer it works within a 2,000 foot range, and at up to speeds of 140mph.  Pretty impressive.  And if you happen to be running circles, literally, the Soloshot can continuously spin, that is until the 5-hour rechargeable battery dies.

The whole system is apparently waterproof, so sand and water, even the salty stuff, is a nonissue.  Needless to say, it would be pretty easy to steal your equipment, even if it's tied up with a few security locks.  But if you don't have a choice, I really can't think of a better product for the surf, or any somewhat linear sport that plays back on camera in a rather compelling manner.

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