February 17, 2013

Train Life: A Stunning Collection of Photographs Depicting the Backbone of J...


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rudy van os behind the wall

Tokyo's rail network is not just a means of getting from A to B; it's the very heart and soul of the city. With more than 40 million people taking the train each day, it's little wonder that during periods of extreme weather or when even a single line suffers a breakdown, thousands of people's lives are immediately affected. If we imagine Tokyo as a living, breathing organism, then its rail network undoubtedly represents the complex system of veins and arteries funneling pure human energy throughout its entire being, without which it simply could not survive.

In this series of photos simply titled Densha to Eki (lit. trains and stations), Dutch photographer, cameraman and editor Rudy van Os expertly captures the very essence of daily life in Tokyo. From sleepy students and lonely businessman to loving parents and beautiful assassins, Rudy's photographs are a perfect slice of Tokyo life on the go.

▼ A parting.rudy van os untitles

▼ The lucky few sit.

rudy van os untitled 4

▼ "Assassin". A pretty young woman with a concentrated stare slips on her gloves.

rudy van os assassin

▼Masks and mail

rudy van os untitled 8

▼ The wait.

rudy van os untitled 7

▼Against the flow.

rudy van os untitled 6

▼ Styles and smiles.

rudy van os untitled 5rudy van os untitled 10

▼Young and old underground.

rudy van os untitled 3


rudy van os black legs

▼ Love and concern.

rudy van os untitled 2

▼ "Up and Down"

rudy van os up and down


rudy van os Trance

▼"The Switch"

rudy van os the switch

▼ Reading time.

rudy van os untitled 9

▼So many different walks of life in one place.

rudy van os subway geisha rudy van os strangers on the train rudy van os smoothie

▼ "Nike"

rudy van os nike

▼ "N Shoes"

rudy van os N shoes

▼ "Lingerie"rudy van os lingere

▼ "Safe"

rudy van os safe

▼ "Hey!"

rudy van os hey

▼"Left Step"rudy van os left step

▼ "Forever Walking"
rudy van os forever walking

▼ "Killing Time"
rudy van os killing time

▼"Fiction and Reality"

rudy van os fiction and reality

▼ Deep in thought

rudy van os deep in thought

And this wouldn't be Tokyo without thousands of commuters falling victim to Mr. Sandman every day.

rudy van os death

rudy van os untitled 13

rudy van os untitled 16

rudy van os untitled 14

rudy van os sleeping with crutches

rudy van os untitled 15

rudy van os dreaming

Of course, without the efforts of the hard-working station staff, Tokyo as we know it simply would not exist. We have to admire their dedication.

rudy van os 3

rudy van os 2

rudy van os

rudy van os distant

Until the next time…

rudy van os untitled 12

rudy van os untitled 11

You can find more of Rudy van Os's incredible work via his Google+ account or dedicated Facebook page, Tokyo Shots.

Rudy van Os profile pic

All photos by Rudy van Os

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