March 02, 2013

12 Apps You’ll Use This Weekend


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via Mashable! by Lauren Drell on 3/1/13

1. Baristame

Looking to go beyond drip? Baristame is an Android app for coffee enthusiasts, containing recipes and layer guides for popular espresso drinks. Most of us need a little caffeine to get going, and testing out new ways to get that jolt will keep weekend mornings fresh. The "Pro" version is $0.99 (espresso machine not included).

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Everybody's working for the weekend. Ditch the work and savor your two days off by getting stuff done. Brew a snazzy latte, catch up on news or channel your inner Julia Child with a new recipe -- the world is your oyster. From buying movie tickets to navigating a new neighborhood, these 12 apps will keep your weekend jam-packed with excitement.

What other apps do you use on weekends? Tell us in the comments.

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