March 10, 2013

Be Prepared, Geeks: Pi Day is Coming!


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Pi Day is coming! With just one week to go, it's time get your stuff together and celebrate March 14 in style with these tributes to (almost) everyone's favorite irrational number.

1. Pi Hard Tee


Mathematicians give this shirt 22/7 stars. Or circles. [$24.99]

2. Pi Pencils

pi pencil
96 digits of pi, just waiting for you to sharpen them up and do something irrational. [$7.99]

3. Pi Cuff Bracelet


480 digits of pi, etched into a fancy sterling silver cuff. (Also available in copper and brass.) [$220.00]

4. Pizza Pi Cutter

pizza pi

"Have a slice of genius and think about the area of the pizza pie you're about to eat." I'm sold. [$17.95]

5. PIce Cube Tray (Get it??)


What's pi times 12? Ice cold. [$8.95]

6. Pi Gift Wrap


5000 digits of pi, just waiting to wrap up your Pi Day gifts. [$3.14, of course]

7. 1000 Digits of Pi Print

pi print

If you're not a fan of pi in blue and grey, no worries: Grammatical Art will customize your color palette. [$18.00]

8. Pi Baking Mold


Pi is less easy than pie. Get a mold to help you make the cake you'll need for that party. [$11.95]

9. Mmmm… Pi Greeting Cards

pi card

You'll need invitations! Or you could just hand these out to friends and coworkers, if that's more your style. [$4.50]

10. Pi Cuff Links

cuff links

For all your fancypants Pi parties! [$22.50]

Are you celebrating Pi Day? What are your plans, Geeks?


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