March 17, 2013

Breathometer iPhone Breathalyzer


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via HiConsumption by Staff on 3/15/13

Breathometer iPhone BreathalyzerWe love to put down drinks just as much as the next person, but it's disgusting to see how many people continue to drive drunk these days. Hopefully technology can help put a dent in the problem with product innovations like the Breathometer.

Next time you go out on the town to have some drinks, don't leave home without the Breathometer. This pocket sized breathalyzer plugs right into the headphone jack of your iPhone allowing you to measure your blood alcohol level any time, any place. Simply blow into the device, and let the Breathometer work its magic. See the product in action below, and head on over to Indie GoGo to support the project.

Breathometer iPhone Breathalyzer (2)

Breathometer iPhone Breathalyzer (1)

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