March 01, 2013

French Manga Artist Creates Whimsical Characters That Interact With Everyday...


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Manga from France1

Hand-drawn manga are thrown into our world and interact with everyday objects thanks to the creative work of Lowra, a manga artist from France. Miniature versions of familiar characters from Naruto climb trees and carry chocolates while Lowra's own original characters swim in popcorn and paint their nails. She even drew characters from Zelda and Super Smash Brothers. See her amazing art after the break!

  Manga from France2

Manga from France3▲   This is such a good idea! It's like something straight out of a dream.

Manga from France4

Manga from France5▲  Edward hates milk.

Manga from France6

Manga from France7 She's so cute!  

Manga from France8

Manga from France9

Manga from France10

Manga from France11

Manga from France12

Manga from France13▲  You got owned, Orochimaru!

Manga from France14▲ Most of Lowra's drawings are quite cute and lighthearted, but this one took us by surprise. 

Manga from France15

Manga from France16 Sasuke! 

Manga from France17

Manga from France18▲ I wish I could do this in real-life. 

Manga from France19

Manga from France20

Manga from France21

Manga from France22 The character's expression matches the situation perfectly! It's 2.5D! 

Manga from France23

Manga from France24 We can't go to the 2-dimensional world, so Lowra brought the 2D world to us.

Manga from France25

Manga from France26

Manga from France27  

Manga from France28

You can really feel the love and appreciation Lowra has for manga. Her work is so unique and well done, it's truly inspirational. You can check out Lowra's other creations on her deviantART site. If you love Lowra's work, she is currently selling her manga and accepts requests on the site as well.

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