March 10, 2013

Geeky Latte Art Brings Gmail, Instagram To Your Morning Brew


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Who likes foam? I'll admit that I'm an espresso junkie. In fact, I actually worked as a barista during my first year of undergraduate work and fiddled with my own artistic talents — although that mostly comprised smiley faces, hearts, and simple holiday messages. But one talented Japanese artist and engineer, Yuko Honda, is using the frothy goodness to showcase hundreds of logo designs based on popular web-based businesses.

So why does Honda spend all this time playing with her food? She loves the internet and what it helps her, and so many other people, achieve. Designing milky creations in her lattes and sharing them with the world is her way of saying "thanks" to all geeks that find themselves involved in internet technology.

"I love the Internet. I love its openness and its favor of information freedom. I thought I could somehow express my gratitude and respect for geeks who are involved in the Internet technology. Besides that, I'm a long-time coffee addict," Honda says on her blog.

Using just a popsicle stick and a fine tipped paintbrush, Honda gets busy in the mornings at her office — in-between actual work — designing web inspired art either sent to her, or stumbled across during the artist's time surfing the net.

Here's Honda making a Python-inspired latte:

We've picked out our favorites, but all of Honda's creations can be found on her blog, Geeklatte.


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