March 07, 2013

Guy Kawasaki joins board of to help transform the way authors self...


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via GeekWire by John Cook on 3/5/13

Guy Kawasaki

When you are a startup company, it's sure nice to have a leading evangelist in your corner. Well, Seattle upstart just landed a big-name advisor in the form of Guy Kawasaki, the former Apple executive and best-selling author who boasts 1.2 million followers on Twitter.

"Publishing isn't dead. It's just changing. And, as more authors self-publish their books, they will need to find editors, designers, and publicists. is a great solution for this need," said Kawasaki. — led by founders Abby Carter and Kelsye Nelson — has developed an online marketplace to connect writers with the experts they need to successfully publish and market their books.

"We're incredibly pleased and honored that Guy has taken an interest in For any writer that wants to publish, there is a way. Those who are willing to improve their craft, put effort into promotion and get help where they need it are bound for success. Guy gets it," said Nelson, who met Kawasaki at the San Francisco Writers Conference.

Nelson said she planned to "ambush" Kawasaki, who was delivering the keynote. But she ended up receiving an introduction through an angel investor at the Zino Society, setting up lunch before the conference. "Guy proved to be as open and friendly as his books would have you believe," she said. "We are most definitely on the same page when it comes to the new publishing revolution. Getting him on board was remarkably easy."

In true Kawasaki style, the author plans to give away a free download of his latest book — APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish Your Book — to anyone who signs up for a account between March 6th and March 11th.

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