March 11, 2013

Smartphone Smart Plug Measures and Captures Each Gadgets Electricity Usage


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via Gadget Review by Christen Costa on 2/27/13

Power companies have gone to great strides to convert many of their tried and tested electricity meters from analog to digital.  And with that has come wireless connectivity, negating the need for them to perform on site visits to read the dial, as well as consumer access to real-time consumption.  Unfortunately, they still won't tell you how much power a given gadgets (TV, blender) – really anything that plugs in – consumes.

The Smart Plug, from Sanwa Supply does just that and uses your smartphone to collect the necessary data to convert you to a greener individual.  It most certainly won't help you achieve hippy status, but since the Smart Plug is very portable you can easily move it from gadget to gadget and collect data throughout your home.  It's just too bad your phone has to be physically tethered to it, or so it would seem (the linked articles seems to indicate otherwise but it's not entirely clear).

To capture the data, Sanwa Supply has also built an accompanying smartphone app allowing you to view integral power consumption but also voltage, current, power supply frequency, power factor, cumulative electricity cost and the amount of emitted carbon dioxide in real-time.

It's just too bad that the Smart Plug costs $269.  So for now, I think I'll stick with Edison's Smart Meter.

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