March 16, 2013

The SMART bicycle helmet measures heart rates!


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Cycling buffs! Here's an accessory for your time on the pedal that could make it all, a little more worthwhile. A helmet that's packed with enough technology to measure your heart rate, the SMART bike helmet was developed by a bunch of engineers at the Tel-Aviv-based tech firm, LifeBEAM. Using a miniaturized sensing platform called the Quantum; this system monitors the wearer's heart rate, blood flow, and oxygen saturation.

The system is also used in the helmets of fighter pilots and the SMART helmet comes with SMART bike helmet monitors its wearer's heart rate that does the measuring. Sporting a 3-axis accelerometer, the SMART helmet also differentiates between the heart-rate and environmental vibrations. Currently, the company is raising funds on Indiegogo and those donating $149 will be shipped one.





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