April 07, 2013

Children from Around the World with Their Favorite Toys


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via DeMilkedDeMilked | DeMilked by Tom on 3/21/13

Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti spent 18 months traveling around the world and photographing children with their favorite toys for his 'Toy Stories' series. Gabriele says it was surprising how much toys can tell about the family of the child, and even though all kids just want to play, they do it in very different ways: "The richest children were more possessive. In poor countries, it was much easier. In Africa, the kids would mostly play with their friends outside." Doesn't that bring back the memories of your favorite childhood toys?

Website: gabrielegalimberti.com

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Children from Around the World with Their Favorite Toys originally appeared on DeMilked on March 21, 2013.


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