April 01, 2013

Instagram Infographic Breaks Down Its User Types


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via Gadget Review by Christen Costa on 3/26/13

Instagram to some has democratized photography, whereas to others (professional photographers) it's bastardized the art form.  Take it or leave it, 40 million Instagram pics are posted every day and with that millions of photos are "filtered", lending an artistic assist to boring snap shots.

So what does your favorite Instagram filter say about you? Surprisingly "No Filter" takes the lion share when it comes to usage.  However, as the infographic points out these are either tech challenged users, or amateur professionals that edit their work outside of the app and then try to pass it off as raw talent.  Strangely enough the Infographic doesn't include an archetype about a Lo-Fi Filter users – I thought this was one of the more popular filters.

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