April 14, 2013

Is Photography a Hobby or a Profession to You? Decide.


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via PictureCorrect Photography Tips by Tiffany M on 4/9/13

Many amateur photographers dream of turning their hobby into a thriving business. It's almost a natural progression. Some may even call it a noble pursuit. Who doesn't want to get paid to do what they love doing? If you happen to be one of those amateur's it's important you fully comprehend all that goes into running a photography business. Being a professional means you have to be good at taking photographs and be a very keen businessmen. See this infographic for more perspective:

photographer infographic

So, You Wanna Be a Photographer? (Click to See Larger Size)

The infographic, provided by Fotoseeds, is helpful to professionals and coming professionals, alike.  It is not meant to be dissuasive, but offer insight and advice on how to build a successful career for yourself and keep the industry striving and lucrative for future photographers. So, before you commit to being a full-time photographer, make sure you pay heed to the advice the graphic provides. It could help make or break or our business.

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Article from: PictureCorrect Photography Tips


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