October 30, 2012

Lenovo Puts a Female Spy in Hot Pursuit of the IdeaPad Yoga


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via Chip Chick by Chance Kinney on 10/16/12

Like everyone else, Lenovo is coming out with a spiffy new hybrid notebook-tablet for the Windows 8 release. Unlike everyone else, they've put together an equally spiffy three and a half minute advertising spot featuring a female spy and a heist of the Lenovo's new star, the IdeaPad Yoga.

The spot, which takes its cues from high-energy chase movies and television shows like SALT or Alias, has just about everything you want from a good chase sequence – shipping container scene, boat escape, urban chase, use of disguises – the works. More importantly, it continues the 21st century's growing tradition of the female action star, as pioneered by Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner, and just about anyone who has ever played a major role in a Resident Evil movie (among many others, past and present). In fact, the most amusing part about the spot is that the presence of a central female action role isn't particularly surprising at all – in many ways, it's become an established norm, thanks to broad cross-gender appeal of the idea. Less elegantly stated, sex sells, and action is the new sexy.

Of course, we'd be remiss in failing to mention the IdeaPad Yoga itself, which looks like a promising entry into the Windows 8 field, thanks to its touchscreen and its 360 degree hinge, making it a true notebook-tablet hybrid that Microsoft hopes will lead the way for its new, very much hybrid-oriented operating system.

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