February 20, 2013

16 of the Coolest Smartphone Connected Appliances (list)


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via Gadget Review by Amanda Pendolino on 1/25/13

If you only use your smartphone for texting, Tweeting and playing games, you're missing out. Thanks to an influx of new high-tech appliances, your smartphone can function as a remote control for your home – and thus your entire life! From fridges to sprinklers, check out these top appliances that connect to your smartphone:

1. Friedrich Smartphone Air Conditioner

With the Kühl smartphone-controlled air conditioner, you can save energy and save money on your electric bill by setting or adjusting your air conditioner from afar.  No more worrying about last-minute schedule changes or forgetting to adjust the temperature on your way out. You can also cool things down for your pets, or to prepare for when you'll get home. With the FriedrichLink program on your phone, you'll also be able to group multiple units for more centralized control.

2. Samsung Smart Care Washers and Dryers

Even your laundry can become high-tech with Samsung's Smart Care washers and dryers. By downloading an app, you can monitor your laundry's progress from anywhere. Your electric LCD touchscreen laundry machines will also send your smartphone notifications when laundry is finished – no more running back to check or getting stuck with wrinkled clothes because you've forgotten to unload the dryer!

3. Belkin Wemo

Wemo is a family of simple and customizable products that allow you to control home electronics from anywhere.
Never again will you have to worry about turning off your lamps, coffee maker, curling irons, Christmas lights, radio or other objects.

4. WeatherTRAK Sprinkler Controllers

Designed for both residential and commercial sprinkler and irrigation systems, HydroPoint's WeatherTRAK controllers let you protect the environment and save you water, money, and time by eliminating over watering. Drawing on information delivered wirelessly from 40,000 weather stations, the system lets you control your watering remotely.

5. ADT Remote Home Monitoring

Want to check the security of your home when you're at the office or away on vacation? With ADT remote home monitoring, you can use your smartphone to see the status of your alarm, arm or disarm your system, adjust your thermostats and lights, and view security camera feeds. If there's an incident at your home, you'll automatically be contacted by email, text or cell phone (and you can change those settings remotely, too).

6. Samsung Android Oven

Also known as the MC368GAAW5A oven, Samsung's Android Oven allows you to control temperature and cooking time with your smartphone. This oven can even tell you how many calories are in your meal and how much your food weighs! It sounds like the oven would use up a lot of energy, but it's actually quite efficient.

7. IHealth Blood Pressure Dock

You can turn your smartphone into a useful medical device with the IHealth Blood Pressure Dock. After downloading the app and slipping on the sleeve, you can record, save, and share your blood pressure and pulse. Send the information to your doctor via email, or just take out your phone and pull out the history section at your next visit. Multiple user accounts can be created to monitor your whole family.

8. Nest Thermostat

Control your home's heating system with Nest, a smartphone-controlled heating system that adapts to your lifestyle and helps you save energy and money. Nest's Heat Pump Balance feature optimizes how often you need to use expensive auxiliary heat, while True Radiant gives you a predictable schedule and even heat. You'll also get reminders about changing your filter.

9. LG ThinQ Smart Refrigerator

Whether you're dieting or just want to stop wasting food, the LG ThinQ smart refrigerator is a high-tech fridge of the future. A camera inside the device allows you to see what's in your fridge from your smartphone – no more stressful moments at the grocery store when you can't remember if you have any eggs! You can also scan the bar code of every item that goes into the fridge and receive a text when they're going bad.

10. MeterPlug

MeterPlug is a small pass-through device that watches electricity consumption and sends information in real-time to a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Just plug it in to an outlet and connect any appliance you want to monitor into the MeterPlug. It will also cut off power when an appliance isn't in use, helping you save electricity.

11. Pintofeed Pet Feeder

Forgot to feed your dog? Do it from your smartphone! With the crowd funded Pintofeed Pet Feeder, you can feed your pet remotely or organize an automatic schedule for feeding the family pet — as long as you've remembered to fill up the basin, which can hold 5 or 10 pounds of food (depending on which model you choose).

12. Energy Hub Energy Usage Monitoring System

With an Energy Hub system, you can manage heating and cooling systems with a wireless thermostat, calculate current and projected electricity cost and energy use, see energy and cost data in real-time, read energy use data directly from a communicating meter and use EnergyHub sockets, strips and heavy-duty controllers to see which appliances are using up the most energy. With a mobile app, choose the correct energy mode (At Home, Away, and Goodnight).

13. Lockitron

With Lockitron, you can lock your doors from anywhere in the world! Use your smartphone to see if your door is locked and instantly share access with your family and friends. It will also send you a notification when your children unlock the door using their phones or keys. You don't need to own a home to use it; renters can use Lockitron too because Lockitron fits over the inside of your current deadbolt.

14. Mini Microscope for iPhone

Turn your iPhone camera into a lab-quality microscope with a 60x zoom! In addition, the Mini Microscope comes complete with three LEDs to illuminate your close-ups and verify watermarks.

15. Smartphone Baby Monitor

This is the ultimate in baby monitors! The multiple sensors in Firebox's high-tech device can be preset to detect movement, audio levels, humidity and temperature in the room – and send alerts straight to your smartphone. With an app, you can monitor your baby from anywhere and even see photos and live video from a wide-angle camera with night vision function. You can also turn off the night-light!

16. Philips Hue LED Light Bulb

The Philips Hue LED lighting system will blow you away! As long as the Philips Hue light bulbs are in WiFi range, you can control them with a WiFi bridge and a iOS app. Easily turn them on and off, adjust color and brightness settings and even choose a special mood lighting scene (like "relax" or "beach").


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