February 20, 2013

SodaStream Partners with Samsung for Carbonated Beverage Refrigerator Integr...


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via Gadget Review by Shawn Sanders on 2/14/13

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream…Well except when we want that carbonated bliss that only soda can provide. Carbonated beverage maker, SodaStream is hoping that's more often than not. At which point you will definitely need unfettered access to the bubbly.  What form of access is easier than a short trip to your kitchen where you could own a modern Samsung refrigerator of tomorrow. Said fridge will quite literally bequeath the gift of carbonated elixir on-tap with a SodaStream sparkling water dispenser baked in right there on the door.

Nothing is sacrificed, as the carbonated beverage uses the same on-door device which dispenses water and ice. In fact, along with those mainstays, thirsty fridge owners can choose from three different levels of carbonation. The carbonated water makes use of the same exchangeable type of 60 liter bottles of CO2 used in traditional SodaStream machines.

The company, while definitely out to turn a profit, also wields noble goals. The intent of the SodaStream refrigerator integration is to hopefully help cut down on senseless pollution. According to the National Resource Defence Council, plastic accounts for 60-80% of marine litter. It's making our tasty marine life ill and that bodes ill for us as well. With the ability to pour yourself a drink from an embedded fizz fountain, comes the demise of the plastic bottle–at least that's the hope.

I commend SodaStream they took one hard on the chin over their banned Superbowl commercial. Carbonating your own beverage so you can then add your favorite flavors is definitely a fine bit of controversy Coke and Pepsi want to keep quiet. Feeling their drinks threaten the brands of their giant ad buddies CBS refused to air the SodaStream commercial. But they're back with wholesome intentions, albeit housed in approx $4000 of high-tech fridge.

That' s the banned commercial up above. Cool stuff! I don't drink much traditional soda but the family loves sparking water. There may be a SodaStream in our future.


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