February 01, 2013

Turn your travel photos into a movie with Expedia’s ‘Find Yours’ app


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via GeekWire by Taylor Soper on 1/31/13

Toss out iMovie and Windows Movie Maker — Expedia's new app is turning your travel photos into a mini-movie with a few clicks.

"Facebook is already the world's largest repository of travel pictures," claims an Expedia press release. "Soon, it may become the world's largest de facto travel movie studio."

As part of its "Find Yours" advertising campaign, the Bellevue-based travel website just introduced a Facebook app called "Find Your Story" that allows users easily put together motion pictures with their travel photos. It's a clever way to help people create shareable memories from their trips.

Using HTML5, the sleek and interactive app asks users a few questions to customize the video: where the journey began, where it ended, what "feeling" you found, etc. You can also add up to five locations visited along the way.

Google Maps will then insert destination-specific graphics into the video to highlight your vacation spots. You'll need to name the story and upload 10 images from your Facebook and Instagram albums, while adding filters and music.

 Once completed, you can share your completed video via Facebook and Twitter. 

As you can see, I just tried it out. Everything was cool until the very end, where I had trouble finding all my Facebook photos. Then, once I tried to watch my video, the "loading wheel" kept getting stuck at 31 percent.

Anywho, I watched the demo video above and this looks pretty cool — when and if it actually works.

Expedia recently announced that it's leading a $30.3 million investment in Room 77, an online travel startup whose search service is designed to help people find the perfect hotel room.

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