February 23, 2013

UK Tax Company Has Wall Comprised of 1,200 LEGO Mini-Figures!


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via Geeks are Sexy Technology News by Lauren Berkley on 2/20/13

To represent that everyone pays taxes, UK company Qubic Tax had the Acrylicize team customize an entire office wall with 1,200 LEGO mini-figures!

1200-Minifigure-LEGO-Office-Wall-by-Acrylicize-1 1200-Minifigure-LEGO-Office-Wall-by-Acrylicize-2 1200-Minifigure-LEGO-Office-Wall-by-Acrylicize-3 1200-Minifigure-LEGO-Office-Wall-by-Acrylicize-4 1200-Minifigure-LEGO-Office-Wall-by-Acrylicize-5 1200-Minifigure-LEGO-Office-Wall-by-Acrylicize-6 1200-Minifigure-LEGO-Office-Wall-by-Acrylicize-7

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