March 29, 2013

Fliers with spare luggage allowance paired with those who are short of space


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As people continue to forge new connections online, it's no longer necessary to rely on friends when it comes to asking a favor, as sites such as have already shown. Now is a new platform that enables travelers to find others who have luggage space available and are willing to carry their items.

Many airlines restrict the amount of luggage that can be taken on-board by each passenger and charge those needing to load extra items. uses social network-like connections to match those with unused allowances with others on the same flight looking to avoid such charges. Users with extra space can post details of their journey through the site and – if another member can use it – get paid for carrying the luggage of others. Passengers surpassing their weight limit can take advantage of lower prices for placing extra items on the plane. combines this service with a platform similar to, where members living close to fliers can request them to bring back items from their travels. uses the power of the internet to connect strangers who can help each other out, breaking down the barriers of people's personal networks to benefit everyone involved. Currently operating out of France, the company hopes to branch out worldwide in the near future. Are there other industries that could work with this model?


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