March 29, 2013

In Mexico, billboard houses the artist that designs it


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We've seen plenty of examples of marketers attempting to revitalize outdoor advertising, the most recent being fashion designer Allen Solly's vending machine billboard. Now a Mexico-based paper company has created the Scribe Billboard, a temporary home and advertisement hoarding for artists to live in while they design a commercial for the brand based on fans' tweets.

Designed by architect Julio Gomez Trevilla, the structure is a small space that fits unobtrusively behind a large billboard located in Mexico City, and can only be accessed via a concealed door in the billboard itself. Created as a temporary lodging for the artist to reside in while creating the billboard, it features a working kitchen, bathroom and desk space. The house was occupied by artist Cecilia Beaven for ten days while she painted a mural that acts as marketing for the paper manufacturer. The finished piece is based on around 50 requests that were sent in by followers of Scribe on Twitter, and represents the infinite number of things you can do with a blank piece of paper. The following video documents – in Spanish – Beaven's time in the Scribe Billboard:

Scribe haven't released any details about a follow-up residency for the billboard home, but the campaign is a unique way to commission a creative advertisement, provide for the artists and involve fans using social media.


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