April 16, 2013

Pixuru Turns Your Phone Pics Into Professional Quality Art


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via Gadget Review by Kristie Bertucci on 4/11/13

You're a master at  phone photography and want to turn some of your masterpieces into actual art you can hang from your wall, but don't know where to turn… Now you can easily turn those snaps into high-quality wall art with Pixuru (Pix-eww-roo). If you want big, bold prints on canvas, wood, metal or framed, hanging on your wall in about a week, then Pixuru is the right place to order them from!  They don't do small paper prints and specialize in creating quality art work from unique pictures you take with your smartphone.You can order your best iPhone image from wherever you are in the world and they promise that it will look great at any size, as well as guarantee their work 100%. They have free shipping in the US, fast two day turn around, and the highest quality printing on the market. You can download the app in the App Store for free.


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