April 16, 2013

What makes the Seattle startup community so cool?


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via GeekWire by John Cook on 4/10/13

Seattle scene (Kurt Schlosser photo)

Seattle scene (Kurt Schlosser photo)

The Seattle startup scene is like no other — with literally hundreds of startups trying to change the world.  Now, two local geeks, Chet Kittleson and Stephen Medawar, are looking to explain what makes the region's startup community so unique with a new interview series called Started in Seattle that kicks off today.

They plan to conduct video interviews with Seattle area startups several times per month, showcasing the best that the region has to offer.

In conjunction with the project, Kittleson and Medawar launched a promo video in which industry leaders such as SEOmoz CEO Rand Fishkin, angel investor Rudy Gadre, BigDoor CEO Keith Smith and others describe what makes the community unique. (Yes, even yours truly makes a brief appearance).

Personally, the thing I like about covering entrepreneurs in the Northwest is that folks just think about the world a little different here. (Yes, the famous PEMCO ad does strike a chord).

After all, how many places in the world are working on asteroid mining, sonic-powered vibrators and robot-powered retail. Those stories get us fired up, as do the truly extraordinary voyages of so many other entrepreneurs.

Check out the video below, and while you are at it let us know what you think makes Seattle a special place for startups (or not).

The video is similar to one that the WTIA launched 18 months ago in which several tech luminaries were asked what made the region special. In case you're looking to feel better about the region on this rainy morning, here are those videos in the post: "Hey Seattle, here's why we're so gosh darn awesome"

Editor's note: GeekWire has partnered with Started in Seattle to occasionally feature one of the interviews in conjunction with our regular Startup Spotlight feature. You can see the first one, an interview with Decide.com CEO Mike Fridgen, here.


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